Artisan "On Farm" Beef Production Methods

Artisan Beef Consulting Services meets or exceeds government requirements for On Farm food safety and production tracking, ensuring certifiable, traceable, and verifiable qualities for Source Verified which allows accurate & authentic Product Label claims.

Artisan consulting services include primary farming practises at all levels, then onto secondary processing steps of beef production practises & production methods to ensure taste, tenderness and quality attributes, while maintaining source verification through the production stages.

A third layer of Traceability and Tracking Systems exist in the Post Plant Tracking Systems, which the Artisan Group has a full understanding and has the ability to advise & recommend our clients impeccable methods for Product Integrity.

With a commitment to a sustainable Food supply, AFL Consulting works with like-minded clients for efficiencies, sustainable & humane practises for products that meet the marketplace expectations of your customers.


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