Artisan Consulting Services

Artisan Beef consulting clients are committed to produce local, Label verified, finest quality, and nutritious beef in an ethical and honest manner.

Our consulting services make recommendations and provides deliverables to ensure artisan product, verifiable production through tracking systems, humane treatment of animals and adherence to ecological friendly methods of raising cattle and producing beef. It is these practices and environmental standards that earn our family farms the recognition as the top rated farmers in Ontario, Canada and Internationally. We have worked in many countries in the world on beef production value chain initiatives, both for local consumers and export.

Artisan Beef works at client location, and provides comprehensive consulting services on a project basis to meet the objectives of the Project Engagement parameters and objectives.  
Some of the skill set and services Artisan Beef can provide; 

  1. Primary Production – maternal farms and finishing farms – Production & Health Management; Data Integrity.  Humane Practises.
  2. Secondary Production – harvest, chill cooler management, primal boxed beef production, further processing production & distribution with Data Integrity for verifiable Product and Label Claims. 
  3. Branding & Marketing – Business Plan preparation for private label programs. 
  4. Pricing & Costing Models – cost analysis & market based pricing advisory. 
  5. Sales Contacts - Artisan Beef has continuous relationships with wholesale beef buyers in the GTA and Ontario markets that are sourcing verified beef programs. 
  6. Beef Sourcing – If you are a wholesale purchaser of beef and want more information of where your organization can purchase beef with certain qualities, Artisan Beef can assist you in your beef procurement.  

Our Artisan Beef consulting services will assist clients to produce the finest product available, or purchase the finest product available, with a Traceability Record to exceed all CFIA and provincial regulations.

Please feel free to contact us for ways in which Artisan Beef can serve your organization; click here.

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